Why your pet might need drop-in visits

Drop in visits are great for a busy dog owner who might work long days but want to ensure their pets are getting the exercise, attention and potty breaks that they need.  

Drop in visits would typically consist of a professional pet caregiver coming to your home and taking care of your pet(s) for a set period of time, 30 minutes to an hour. During this time, the pet caregiver may engage in various activities with the dog, such as playing fetch, running, and allowing them a potty break while they are out.

Some drop-in visits may also offer additional services, such as feeding, administering medication, and providing fresh water to your pet. They may also provide care to other pets in the home if needed.

Pet caregivers are experienced in handling dogs of all sizes and many different sibling pets such as cats, birds, fish, reptiles and even chickens!  

If you are out of town or having a long day at work, consider a drop in visit to check in on your animal family.


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