Unfaithful – a short story
a boston terrier on the grass

You come home from a long day of work.
You had 8 different stops today.
8 check-ins on dogs, cats, and bunnies.
8 stops, but 13 animals total taken care of.
Cuddles, walks, kisses, treats, feedings.
You can’t wait to be home and relax.
But instead, you come to the realization that you’ve been unfaithful all day. Your very own pets are
initially excited to see you, their person. Their one person. But then, the smells hit them. The unfamiliar
scents of animals unknown. Excitement quickly turns to curiosity and hesitation.
“Who has she been with all day?” they wonder.
You gasp and apologize to the loves of your life.
“How could I have been so selfish, so unthoughtful? Spending my day gallivanting around, I should have
known they’d find out.” you reflect.
You hop in the shower to cleanse the smells of the “others”.
You spoil your pets with special treats and cuddles, in hopes that they will forgive you for your sins.
They do.
And everything is good on the homefront, until the saga continues… tomorrow.




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