The break-in

Have you ever wondered what the hardest part about being a dog walker is? It’s not keeping your energy up so you can walk for 5+ hours at a time, or trying not to pass away when it’s over 100 degrees out. It’s not even mastering the art of eating a salad while driving to your next appointment so you make it on time. So what’s the hardest part? Believe it or not it’s getting into our clients homes! Here’s a story that has stayed fresh in my mind that sums up what it’s like to get into our clients homes:

To set the scene it is the dead of winter, pitch black outside and the street lights are out. I had just pulled in the driveway of the pup’s house I was doing overnights for at the time. Earlier that day the door was being finicky so I made sure to lock every deadbolt possible so there was no chance of the door flying open with the winter wind. BIG mistake. It was now around 8:30pm, I’m in my pajamas, and this door will not open no matter how many ways I turn the key, twist the knob, or push the door. My pride kept me from calling the Queen Bee, Jill, for a half an hour and a frost bite too long. I called Jill absolutely frustrated as if she could magically unlock the door, which somehow calling her works every time to get the door open, but not this time. Turns out I had locked something I wasn’t supposed to. I was told there was another way to get in. I’m thinking there’s a key hiding somewhere that would unlock a secret door that I didn’t know about. Boy was I wrong. I was now warming up and stretching my limbs to break into the house through the window. Apparently this had happened to Nicole before at this house, so I had to call the seasoned professional on window break ins for a step by step on how to go about this. The window was up what felt about 10 feet high, no ladder to be found, just 5 foot 8 me, and a water pipe. 

The mission looked like this: 

Step 1- Balance on the water pipe.

Step 2-While doing step 1, pry open the crusty old window.

Step 3-Pray no one calls the cops on little old me, in my pajamas, just innocently trying to spend the night with a dog.

The only thing keeping someone from calling the police for a potential break in was the not so confirmed fact that the only neighbor that would be able to see me, I had a theory they were in the mafia. They were probably judging how bad my break in was and noting what not to do. 

Long story short, the mission was successful and I fell into what was the office of the house. Luckily this dog was deaf or else I could have really freaked her out. Moral of the story, be careful how you leave peoples doors locked. Although I did learn a handy life skill that night! 



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