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Unfaithful – a short story

You come home from a long day of work.You had 8 different stops today.8 check-ins on dogs, cats, and bunnies.8 stops, but 13 animals total taken care of.Cuddles, walks, kisses, treats, feedings.You can’t wait to be home and relax.But instead, you come to the...

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Combine any of the following leftovers from your refrigerator to create a flavorful trail mix, which you can pack for a hike or after dog park snack Ingredients Pieces of meat (if seasoned, make sure to rinse off any flavoring) Potatoes Vegetables (no onions) Fruit...

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Which breed has 6 toes on all 4 feet?

Most dogs have 5 toes (including the dewclaws) on the front feet and 4 on the back feet. Some breeds like Great Pyrenees have double dewclaws on the back feet.  Only one breed has 6 toes on all four feet … care to take a guess before scrolling down to find out??...

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How much exercise does your dog need?

Exercise prevents pets from becoming obese, and it also keeps them mentally stimulated, which can help prevent behavioral problems brought on by boredom.Different dog breeds have different exercise needsin terms of their energy levels.High-energy breeds, such as...

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10 essential skills for every dog

For more information on each point below, visit the AKC website HERE! Accepting a friendly stranger. Sitting politely for petting. Appearance and grooming. Out for a walk, walking on a loose lead. Walking through a crowd. Sit down on command and staying in place....

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why do dogs need enrichment?

The purpose of enrichment is to reduce stress in dogs and reinforce socialization practices. Providing a dog with enrichment allows the animal to have a sense of control over their environment, which can help to reduce and avoid stress. Social Enrichment One of the...

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Keeping pets safe in cold weather

As winter settles in, Animal Humane Society urges pet owners to think twice when letting pets outside for extended periods of time. Temperatures below freezing along with wind chill can be dangerous, even deadly, for our domesticated pets. Keep your pets safe during...

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