10 Unique House Pets #1 Hedgehogs!
photo of hedgehog resting on person s hand
#1 Hedgehogs!  
Hedgehogs are small, spiky mammals that have become increasingly popular as unique and low-maintenance pets.

They have a distinct appearance and endearing behaviors that attract many pet owners.

Hedgehogs require a suitable enclosure with plenty of space to explore, exercise wheels, and hiding spots.

They are primarily insectivores and require a balanced diet consisting of high-quality hedgehog-specific kibble, supplemented with occasional treats like insects or fruits.

While they may not be as social or interactive as some other pets, hedgehogs can still form bonds with their owners through gentle handling and regular positive interactions.

It’s important to note that hedgehogs are nocturnal animals and will be most active during the evening and night.

Responsible hedgehog ownership involves understanding their specific needs, providing appropriate care, and ensuring a safe and enriching environment for these unique and fascinating pets.


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